VYN designed and re-engineered the most vulnerable parts of sneakers in a new way so you can exchange them yourself. With VYN you can choose your heel set colours. The heel sets become your personal style feature and at the same time expand your sneaker’s life.

VYN found its birthplace in a family-run manufactory in northern Italy, where the premium sneakers are handcrafted with their unique sustainable signature. All the materials and components come from European certified partners.

The VYN sneakers are hand-crafted by Italian artisans to guarantee the highest quality, fair labour practices and to keep our CO2 footprint low.

The Heal Piece

An easy click mechanism in the VYN outsole allows you to self-repair the heel piece once it is worn down. You can choose from different colours to personalise your sneakers.

The Upper And Lining

Leather is still the best material for shoes when it comes to durability, breathability and comfort. For the upper VYN have used a super subtle sports calf material from a gold rated German tannery. The full leather lining is made of a high-quality Italian calf leather which absorbs moisture and creates a comfortable foot climate.

The Replaceable Heal Counter

YYN created a completely new design and functionality feature by deconstructing the heel counter to make it replaceable. The extra layer of material will protect the lining from wearing out and you can choose from four new colours to personalise your sneakers.

The Insole

Portuguese cork will create your personal footbed with every step, regulate the temperature and has an anti-bacterial effect. Covered with absorbent calf leather and a thin foam layer on top, the premium VYN insole provides instant comfort. 

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